Gillian Watters asked 3 months ago

Any advice on how to collect membership fees and take attendance weekly?

1 Answers
admin Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Apologies for the delay in replying and you may have found an answer already but if you didn\’t here is what we would suggest. The Electronic fund process of regular payments is probably the best way. Changing from weekly to monthly might help with the amount being paid and ease of tracking. This is not ideal for a group that does weekly subs but may be considered? Using paypal or other cardless payment is also something to be considered. Some groups have used systems like sumup that don\’t work out too coslty. Lastly, a reason for the delay in responding is that Online scout manager is coming this year which will be a massive benefit for group management. You can check it out at . While this won\’t help you at the moment it is something to bear in mind for the long term?