Zoom activities for online meetings

While we might have exhausted our use of screen time over the past year, maintaining our friendships through scouting at this time is crucial. Zoom is a great tool to keep us connected while scouting from home.

If you are wondering how to set up Zoom, please consult this handy guide here.

A few ideas to stay active while meeting on Zoom with your sections are:

  1. Freeze Dance

This activity will get you moving during you zoom! Play some music (everyone could submit their favourite song to a playlist). Encourage everyone to show off their best dance moves. When the music stops everyone has to freeze. Anyone still dancing or moving sits down. Repeat until you have a final dancer.

2. Find something…

Instead of sitting for the duration of your zoom call ask everyone to go away and find something in the house relating to a category. It could be animals, colours, food or nature for Beavers or Cubs. For Scouts to Ventures you could suggest for them to find something related to topics they are passionate about. Make it into a race by giving everyone a time limit to get up and find something to bring back to the group.

3. Blind-folded drawings

Everyone in the group picks an object. One person must try to draw this object without looking. By placing the notebook on their head, they must draw the object without looking (drawers camera turned off) twhile everyone can see how well they can draw the object without looking.

4. Guess the word

This free online game is really easy to use for your next zoom meeting. You will use Clue Cards which have the Clue Word on the top of the card and the Taboo Words listed below. The object of the game is for one player to prompt a teammate to guess as many Clue Words as possible in sixty seconds, without saying any of the Taboo Words listed underneath. You can keep track of each persons score beneath on the webpage. Feel free to make up your own clue cords for your group either.

5. Wheel of names

Use this online resource to call on members of your section at random. You can share the screen so everyone can see who is up next to participate in the group. What’s great about this is you can edit the options on the wheel to be anything your group want to decide to do next: activities, badges, topics to discuss – get creative and the possibilities are endless!