Beavers - 6years+Cubs - 9years+

Your Five a day #2

Write the room

Hide sight words (letters, numbers, spelling words, etc.) around the room or house and have children find and record them using clipboards.

Play Simon Says

A person named Simon is the leader and gives out commands. For example, “Simon Says run in place! Simon Says crawl like a bear.” If Simon doesn’t start the command with “Simon Says,” the players to follow the command are out.

Create a safe physical activity space

If you have an open space like a basement, take an old mattress and place it on the floor for gymnastics or wrestling.

Play Red Light, Green Light

Choose a start and finish line. Have everyone line up against a wall. Red light means stop, and green light means go! One person will yell out either command as everyone races to the finish line.

Do a “Deck of Cards” workout!

Assign each shape a different exercise. For example, Hearts = running in place, Diamond = jumping jacks, Spades = push-ups, Clubs = sit-ups. Take turns flipping the cards and doing that number of the exercise.