I’m bored! … on my own

Read or listen to a book Journal

Make a fort

Listen to a podcast

Create an “All About Me” board Color

Write a letter or draw a picture to mail to someone

Draw or paint pictures and host an art show

Make bead or foil jewelry Make clay sculptures Create leaf rubbing art Learn a magic trick

Create a spaceship out of a cardboard box

Put together a puzzle Create a city with blocks

Create an imaginary creature and write its story


Write and illustrate a book

Do a photoshoot for my stuffed animals

Act out commercials

Play with toys and figurines Make clothes for my dolls and toys out of scrap fabric

Play Cat’s Cradle

Write a letter to my penpal Go on an alphabet scavenger hunt

Create shadow art Make my own magazine

Make paper flowers or snowflakes Create affirmation or kindness rocks

Build with LEGO bricks

Play Mad Libs and word searches Learn to juggle

Make a Rube Goldberg machine with household items