Your Five a Day #1

Go on an alphabet scavenger hunt

Make a poster with the alphabet and have your child search for items that begin with each letter.

Play hopscotch in a hallway

Use any paper you have on hand (or cardboard) to cut out shapes. Use double- sided tape to place the shapes on the floor to begin your game of hopscotch.

Create an obstacle course

Use items around your house (pillows, pool noodles, baskets, etc) to create a fun obstacle course.

Play the floor is lava

Decide which furniture is ok to jump on and considered safe. Set a timer and the first person yells, “The floor is lava.” All other players must get to the “safe” spot before the time runs out.

Go on an animal safari

Draw or print different animal shapes and have your child color them in. Hide them around the house for your child to find.